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About KEI
Why Choose to Purchase a Kei Window Cleaning Franchise?

Don Black's original operating company began in California in October of 1977. All his sons grew up around the business and all decided to get into the business themselves. The Black family enjoys a wonderful business reputation that has been earned over many years.

The Black family is a team that has proven its staying power. We have a track record of using sound business principles that we are proud of.

We want to share our founder's hard earned experience with you. In a sense, we want you to come be part of our family (which means to become a franchise owner) and grow with us in the window cleaning profession.

Fantastic Market Potential and Repeat Business!

Kei Franchising Corp. is extermely aware of the practically endless parade of residential and commercial windows that should be cleaned. And the best part is that after you clean them, windows always need cleaning again and again.

Just think what the opportunity and potential is for a well-trained professional window cleaner! We cannot possibly clean them all ourselves.

So, we've made the commitment to share this gold mine of opportunity and our experience with others, rather than just let such a huge potential of income disappear into vapor without anyone benefiting.

For the person who wants to work hard, a Kei Window Cleaning franchise has the potential for realizing your dreams and securing your future!


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